Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The barakah of Madinah

I have come to realize that the beauty and blessings of Medina include: the little sleep that feels like hours, the little food that keeps you full, and Zamzam that takes care of everything else.

Nadia Saif


At Thursday, 14 July, 2005, Blogger Ahmed said...


My name is Ahmed Khan, from Toronto, Canada. I know there are a couple from Toronto at the Rihla.

oh boy, is my heart filled with envy or what?

Anyways, I pray that Allah SWT gives everyone the opportunity to visit the Rawda and Masjid Haram. Indeed it has to be the experience of a lifetime.

If possible, please convey my greetings, salaams, and salutations to Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi. I have never met him, but he is my Sheikh's Sheikh.

Please also convey my greetings, salaams, and salutations to all the
other shuyukh, and most of all
to the Beloved of Allah SWT, our most dear Master and Intercessor,
Muhammada al-Mustafa SAW.

Keep the posts going.


Ahmed Khan


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