Sunday, November 27, 2005

My henna-ed hands

The night before Eid, as I laid out my hands to get my henna done, I noticed that at the very tips of my fingernails there was a slight hint of orange coloring at the tips. I soon recalled that I had put that henna on my nails for the first night that we went into the rawdah! As I sat getting the elaborate and intricate designs on my palms, I couldn’t help but think how that simple plain circle I had put on right before going to the rawdah was the grandest piece of art ever on my palms. As I sat patiently, I began to think of all I had done with those hands with henna. I bought a tasbeeh with beads so small that I had to put in an effort to move the beads around. I prayed with those hands at the mosque of the prophet. I hugged a number of sisters from different places in the world with those hands. I did wudu with zam-zam water with those hands. I did sajda with those hands in the rawdah.
My henna-ed hands.

- Anonymous


At Thursday, 22 May, 2008, Blogger studerende-87 said...

it is sooooo nice to read your posts that it hurts my heart so sweet..


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